A walk of progress

You are invited to a journey from a child to adult, from play to progress and from courage to vision.

New paths of vision are opened up, with interactions and live art that welcome us with open arms to roll up our sleeves and get involved. Parkour guys in neon run across the rooftops and from surface to surface while skateboarders criss-cross the pathways. Peddling together, we learn to power up a light and collaborate to create energy.

Design LED artworks and messaging, learning from home-grown artists to inspire and motivate us. Stars twinkle in the planetarium and later in the night skies, reminiscent of our ancestors. A light sculpture with old bottles filled with the vibrant colours of the Festival teaches us the value of water.

Be inspired to follow the same path of progress as Her Highness. Conservation and sustainability underpin our vision for the future.