Progress happens when you’re brave enough to push boundaries – of science, art and technology.

The Progress Zone challenges visitors to imagine a future for all, by doing brave, new things as individuals.

Dig your fingers in the soil, plant a seed, and follow its journey to become an ingredient in a nourishing meal cooked right before your eyes. Build beautiful things with your hands, like colourful kites and stunning corals. Drop from the sky on a bungee line or enjoy artistic performances by poets and rock stars, dancers and stuntmen.

Don’t forget to pause on your path, to be kind to a stranger – leave a thoughtful message on a pebble or write a wish for humanity on the large kindness tree.

A futuristic space built on the values of sustainability, innovation, kindness and wonder, the Progress Zone has a variety of activities for visitors of all ages.


Wonder Walk
Amble through the tree-lined artistic promenade, and interact with engaging installations, sculptures, paintings and performances. The Wonder Walk is a space for leisurely appreciating beauty while making your way across the festival.
ALZAD—World of Food Pavilion in Collaboration with the Ministry of Future Food Security
Explore the human connection with food from the stone ages to the modern day, at ALZAD Pavilion - World of Food, in collaboration with H E Mariam bint Mohamed almheiri Minister of State for Future Food Security, and join the global conversation on ensuring food sustainability for future generations.
Seed & Plant
Discover the secrets of growing your own food, at Seed & Plant. This spacious greenhouse welcomes families to plant seeds, paint pots, and harvest nutritious produce.
Draft & Craft
VR Artscape
Create 3D art using Virtual Reality technology at VR Artscape in the Progress Zone. This hypnotic technological space lets you sculpt, draw and paint your imagination on a multi-dimensional canvas of various landscapes
Air Dive
Secure the bungee, trust your gut and step off the platform to experience a thrilling free-fall. Air Dive comes to the UAE for the first time ever at a public event. This safe yet sensational extreme activity is not for the faint-hearted!
Chef Challenges
Participate in the excitement of cooking wholesome food, at the Chef Challenges pavilion. Cheer on your favourite chefs as they battle it out in live cook-offs!
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