The Happiness Zone invites families to wander, wonder and play in a beautiful natural space.

Find your way through a magical garden, while chatting with giant friendly insects under dandelion stalks. Crawl into a bubble and watch the world roll by, all around you. Go off the beaten path and take a muddy adventure in a mini jeep.

Mountains and valleys call out your name to conquer them. Climb up, hike across a rickety rope bridge or take a thrilling zip line down into the sea. Cool off the excitement after you land back in the festival, with some acoustic acts and upbeat performances.

Bring your friends along so you can paint fabrics, weave fences and make colourful windmills together. Or challenge them in fun games if you’re confident of your aiming skills! Deepen your friendship as you share stories and make memories in cosy treehouses, but not until after you’ve raced the obstacle course!

This interactive zone is made to excite visitors of all ages. The Happiness Zone is a must-visit for families and groups of young friends.


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