When is the MOTN 2017 festival taking place?

The 2017 edition of The Mother of the Nation returns to Abu Dhabi’s Corniche Beach from 26th March to 4th April 2017, every day from 4 pm until 11 pm during weekdays, and 2pm until midnight during weekends (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).

What is new in this year’s edition of the MOTN festival?

The festival will continue to highlight the inspirational vision of H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak through festival’s diversity of experiences, focusing on this year’s themes of Conservation, Sustainability, Empowerment, Education & Collaboration.

This edition will invite visitors to enjoy more than 100 activities across a variety of interactive installations and events. We have taken into consideration the feedback from last year, spreading the Souq and Beach Dining Zones throughout the festival grounds in order to enhance accessibility for visitors.

All four zones and the MOTN Pavilion have been organised in an easily navigated arrangement that complements visitor access from any entry point. This year, the MOTN Pavilion will be located at the heart of the festival, acting as its centrepiece.

The Main Stage has also now been placed at the centre of the festival grounds in order to ensure that visitors can easily engage with the performances and signature events that will be taking place at the venue throughout the course of the festival.

This year’s edition of MOTN will also feature a number of exciting new features that focus on elements of educational inspiration and wonder.

What are new zones included in this year’s festival?

In addition to #MOTN Pavilion, the festival encompasses four distinctive zones: Happiness Zone, Souq Zone, Beach Dining and Progress Zone, all of which offer thematic and interactive experiences:

  • Souq zone:
    • Retail experience
    • Souq Café
    • Dhow Painting
    • Jewellery-making
    • Pop-up Culture
  • Beach Dining zone:
    • Various selection of pop up food trucks and kiosks and food and beverage options
    • Urban gardens
  • Happiness zone:
    • New zone to this year’s festival
    • Creates a sense of wonderment and play
    • Engaging interactive installations and activities that inspire creativity
  • Progress zone:
    • Also new to this year’s festival
    • Aims to shed light the progressive learning curve of a child to adulthood, highlighting the importance of generosity, conservation and sustainability as promoted by H.H. Sheikha Fatima.
    • Interactive experiences that connect guests with life’s natural wonders
  • MOTN Pavilion:
    • The main pillar of the festival and now located at the centre of the festival grounds, complete with Majlis area
    • Features carefully curated exhibition representative of Sheikha Fatima’s vision and values

What are the facilities and amenities available in the MOTN festival 2017?

The layout of the festival this year is much more flexible for moving between the different zones, for instance, Beach Dinning Zone has been split into two areas for ease of reach, #MOTN Pavilion has moved to the heart of the festival, as well as the Main Stage. Different facilities are available at the festival, including:

  • Medical centre and nursing facilities
  • A meeting point, including lost & found facility
  • Prayer Rooms (Male & Female)
  • Facilities for visitors with special needs
  • Information Points in strategic locations
  • Media centre
  • Parking locations and shuttle busses from Marina Mall to Nation Towers
  • ATMs
  • Free Wi-Fi connection

How much does the entry cost?

Entry tickets are for AED 20 per adult, 10 for kids between 5 and 12yo while children aged 5 and under are admitted for free.
Tickets are on sale at the festival gates or online.

How many visitors did MOTN 2016 receive?

Last year’s festival welcomed more than 133,000 visitors to the grounds.

it true the size of the festival is smaller than last year?

We have taken visitor feedback from last year into consideration, ensuring that this year’s festival grounds have increased accessibility to visitors. With more than 100 activities set to entertain visitors in this year’s edition of the festival, we have ensured that the activities are now closer together in order to ensure that they can maximise their enjoyment of all installations, activations and events that the festival has to offer.

Why is there no Art Zone this year?

In this year’s edition of the festival, the art elements will be spread throughout the multiple zones in the festival, including the Happiness Zone’s Arts & Crafts initiatives, as well as the Progress Zone’s City of Light installation and Wonder Walk.

Why is there no Conservation Zone this year?

The message of the importance of sustainability and conservation is communicated throughout the extensive programme of events and activities for this year. The Happiness Zone will feature activities centred around the use of recycled materials, while the Progress Zone will inspire visitors to contemplate the potential to be found in clean and sustainable energy.

How does the Progress Zone contribute to the values promoted by the festival?

The Progress Zone is designed to communicate the importance of securing a sustainable future in a fun, interactive and educational style. Utilising vivid installations and atmospheric structures powered by lights and water, as well as a series of inspirational talks and workshops, the Progress Zone imparts a memorable impression of the wonders of sustainable technology.

What’s new about the Beach Dining Zone this year?

The Beach Dining Zone will be set up across various locations around the festival grounds, bordering the other three zones as well as the MOTN Pavilion in order to ensure that visitors can easily locate the various food trucks and kiosks that will be providing food and beverage offerings this year.

What will the #MOTN Pavilion be offering visitors in the second edition of Mother of the Nation?

With the vision and values of HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak at the core, the 2017 Pavilion will celebrate all the women –wives and mothers, sisters and daughters- who have shaped and made the UAE. The journey through this creative exhibition will allow the whole family to explore the impact and legacy of women throughout the history of the UAE and to celebrate the current and future generations of female leaders following the inspiration of HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak.